Final Push to Shipping

We thought you might be interested in seeing some images from our final testing, assembly, and packaging procedures. Please check out the photo spread below for a glimpse of the final production process.

NOTE #1: We still have not received international shipping funds from some backers. We cannot ship your reward to you without these funds. Please PayPal your payment to avoid shipping delays.

NOTE #2: We still have not received backer survey responses, including shipping addresses and phone numbers, from some people. We cannot ship your reward if we do not have this information. Please respond to your backer survey as soon as possible to avoid shipping delays.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and for your support of the NTH!

2 thoughts on “Final Push to Shipping

  1. Just received mine – delivered in less than a week to Muscat Oman. This little box sounds great and looks great. Tshirt is supercool as well.


    • Hi Cyrille,

      Glad to hear your NTH arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the report and kind words. Let us know when you have a track or jam to share. We look forward to hearing what you create with it soon!



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