Missed the Kickstarter?

We’d like to offer another huge thank you to our Kickstarter backers!

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, we are providing a secondary option:

NTH production will commence in mid-March after the Kickstarter funds are received. In the meantime, we are offering the two most popular reward packages for sale via PayPal. If you make a purchase in the next two weeks, we will add your order to the initial NTH production run.

We’ve enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to get started with the next phase of the project.  We’ll be documenting the process here at the blog.  Thanks for reading!

Ponoko Enclosure, Firmware How-To, 2 NTHs Jamming

Hi Everyone,

We’d like share some of what we’re doing as we enter the final week of the Kickstarter campaign.

For those who will be building their own NTH enclosures, we have started to experiment with some online panel fabrication services.   Yesterday we ordered panels for an NTH enclosure from Ponoko.  We are also going to try Big Blue Saw.  Once we evaluate the results, we’ll share images and advice.

We have published the NTH firmware update how-to.  The process of updating the NTH’s firmware takes less than a minute.  We hope that NTH hackers will publish firmware modifications for use by the entire community.

Finally, we have a new video that features 2 NTHs synced in an improvised jam.  When the NTH receives MIDI sync, it passes the signal thru to its MIDI out port.  This makes it possible to “chain” the NTH with additional NTH units or other devices.

Thanks for reading and watching!

New Video: NTH Sequencing External Synth

Welcome, readers from Gizmodo and Make!

Thank you to our Kickstarter backers for helping the NTH surpass its funding goal. Thanks also for spreading the word–we hope to see a large community of NTH users sharing mods and techniques.

We’re not done yet. There is lots of NTH functionality to demonstrate. Today’s video shows the NTH sequencing an external synth.

There’s more to come. Thanks for reading and watching!

NTH T-shirts!

Hi Everyone,

We want to thank our backers again for a great first week!  We can’t wait to put the NTH in your hands and hear the amazing things you will do with it.

Today we are showing off our t-shirt design.  This is the t-shirt that will be included with all rewards levels at $40 and up.  Every pledge gets us closer to our funding goal–and closer to open-sourcing the NTH.

Stay tuned.  We are working on several more updates for the coming weeks!

Thanks for checking out the NTH Music Synthesizer!

NTH MIDI Sync and Improv Videos, Kickstarter Update

Another huge thank you to our Kickstarter backers!

We would like to share our update plans for the remainder of the Kickstarter campaign:

  • Beginning today, we are posting a series of detailed demonstration videos to showcase various features of the NTH.  (Read on for the first video in the series!)
  • We are working on the t-shirt design so we can show you images before the funding period closes.  If you like the look of the NTH, we think you’ll like the t-shirt too.
  • We will continue to respond to your comments and questions.  Please keep the feedback coming!  We are enjoying the conversation.


The following video demonstrates how to use the NTH Music Synthesizer in MIDI sync mode with an external drum machine.


The next video is a montage of improvisation with the NTH synced to a drum machine.