NTH Music Synthesizer: Sold Out

The NTH Music Synthesizer is sold out.

If you would like to receive updates about future availability and new releases, please join our mailing list.  To join, please send us an email.

Thank you for your interest in the NTH Music Synthesizer.

8 thoughts on “NTH Music Synthesizer: Sold Out

  1. Is there a chance to learn more about this Synthesizer? Is there an update or Evolution planned? I am also involved in digital wave Synthesis and working on an FPGA based device which will ready also for Music Synthesis. I searched a lot of Websites now and found synthesisers for up to 4096 oscillators and polyphony. What is mostly missing is a universal user Interface which is appropriate for Controlling all the lots of Parameters, a Synthesizer has. Doing this with PC does not really seem to be appropriate. So I expect a larger scaled Interface with more knobs and Buttons.

  2. “The NTH Music Synthesizer is sold out.”

    So how about producing more of them? If there is demand, of course. But it seems to me that there is.

  3. I want to buy one too. But i will try to build it first. I can imagine the price being way higher in a shop because labor is added in the final price. But if you plan to manufacture a new batch, please send me an update. Do you have a mailinglist where i can subscribe too?

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your interest in the NTH Music Synthesizer. I have added the email you used to post this message to our mailing list.

      Thanks much!

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