Luminth FAQ

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please send us an email.

Please check the Luminth Orbiter version history for information about software updates.

I’m having trouble installing Luminth Orbiter on my Windows computer.

Please check out the Windows Installation Guide.

When I plug in the Luminth, it doesn’t light up.  What should I do?

In order for the Luminth to light up, you must connect to it from Luminth Orbiter using the “Setup…” command in the “Luminth” menu.  More details can be found in the “Luminth Quickstart Guide” PDF file included in the download package.

How do I save my Luminth Music?

1. Select “Open Recording Console … ” from the “Audio” menu
2. Click “Save recording as …” to bring up a dialog allowing you to choose the location on disk to store the audio file. This will also give you the option to choose the file type (aif, wav, etc.)
3. Click “Start recording” to begin audio recording
4. When you are done recording click “Stop recording”

You can also set a “maximum record time” in seconds if you want a specific amount of time.

If you are getting the “Please select a location” error box, it means you have not specified where you want the recording to be saved before clicking “Start recording”. Try step 2 from the above instructions.

I’m experiencing a crash on OS X.

Try deleting the preference files labeled Max, MSP, and/or Luminth located in User/Library/Preferences.

2 thoughts on “Luminth FAQ

    • Hi Oleg,

      I’ve updated the Luminth FAQ regarding a crash on OS X. Shoot us an email if you are still having issues.



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