NTH Music Synthesizer

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The NTH Music Synthesizer is the first product from NTHSynth.  It is fun to use, sonically-rich, and hackable by design.

The first production run of the NTH Music Synthesizer was funded via Kickstarter (backer list) in March 2012 and was shipped in July of the same year.



The NTH is designed so that a complete beginner can quickly craft incredibly varied timbres.  For the synth veteran, the NTH offers relief from layered menus and obscured functions.  The NTH puts a smile on the face of musicians and non-musicians, synth geeks and synth novices, children and adults alike.


We started with a PIC microcontroller and 8-bit DAC to create a dual-pitch oscillator with modulation by waveform, amplitude envelope, detuning, and glissando.  Then we added a gritty analog low-pass filter, integrated step sequencer, and simple, intuitive controls.  Your initial experimentation will quickly reveal an astonishing range of output: from sweet and sublime to raw, thrashing, and retro sounds.


The NTH is designed for easy modification:

  • The NTH’s spare hardware DAC channel and electronics prototyping area await your experiments.
  • We’ve included an ICSP port for connection to the NTH’s PIC16F microcontroller.  Use a low-cost USB programmer to modify, upgrade, or completely rewrite the firmware on your NTH.
  • The NTH Design Source Package includes the design files and source code for every detail of the NTH including electronic hardware, firmware, and enclosure.  The package will be available for free download.

Check out the NTH documentation page for detailed specs and the user manual.

The media page has video, audio, and images of the NTH Music Synthesizer.