NTH Easter Eggs

Press and hold one or more buttons during power-up to select NTH Easter eggs. Easter egg selection is acknowledged by the NTH with temporarily blinking step LEDs.

Step Toggle 1: Ignore Incoming MIDI Sync

The NTH’s sequencer and envelopes are driven only by the NTH’s internal tempo clock.

Step Toggle 2: Ignore Incoming MIDI Notes

Prevents the NTH from entering monosynth mode when MIDI notes are received.

Step Toggle 3: Ignore Incoming MIDI CC Messages

Prevents NTH modulation and sequencer parameters from responding to incoming MIDI CC messages.

Step Toggle 4: MIDI Controller Mode

Disables the NTH’s oscillators and internal sequencer. Each knob, slider and button generates CC output (filter and volume controls excluded).

Step Toggle 5: Noise Mode

The NTH’s primary oscillator is replaced by a noise generator.

Step Toggle 6: Random Sequence Mode

The ordering of NTH sequencer steps is randomized. (Be sure to experiment with the Steps Knob!)

Step Toggle 7: One-Shot Mode

The NTH enters “One-Shot” gate mode instead of “Looped” mode for Env and Gliss parameters.  Applies only to monosynth operation (when the NTH receives MIDI notes). This mode is also controlled by CC #7

Gliss Button: MIDI Channel Selection

To change the MIDI channel setting of your NTH, press and hold the Gliss button at power-up. Turn the Mod Knob to select a new MIDI channel. The current channel selection 1-16 is displayed on the Gliss LED and Step LEDs. When the Gliss button is released, the new channel setting is stored and normal operation begins.