NTH Music Synthesizer Documentation and Specs



Features & Specifications

Hackable open source design:

  • Electronic prototyping area
  • Additional DAC channel reserved for DIY use
  • PIC16F microcontroller with In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) port for firmware DIY & upgrades

8-bit digital oscillator:

  • 16 oscillator waveforms
  • 16 amplitude envelopes
  • Dual pitch with adjustable detune
  • 16 glissando / scalar patterns

Analog low-pass filter with resonance (based on Sallen-Key design)

Integrated 8-step sequencer:

  • 8 pitch sliders with toggle buttons
  • Tempo control knob with reverse
  • Sequence control knob

Standard MIDI in and MIDI out ports

3.5mm line/headphone output with volume control

Lasercut and etched acrylic enclosure

Blue indicator LEDs

Powered by 9V battery

  • Power consumption: 0.9W (100mA @ 9VDC)

Dimensions: 10.26″ x 6.11″ x 2.125″

Weight (excluding battery): 21.65 oz.